Note 397 Teil II

Marc H. Ellis schickte mir seine Reflexionen zur anstehenden Papstreise ins (un-)Heilige Land per Email. Thanks a lot!!! Das war heute nachmittag. Gerade bin ich nach Hause gekommen – und fand in meinem Postfach folgenden Text. Die Überschrift ist von mir.

Respect for the suffering

„Given the legacy of bitterness left by centuries of Jewish persecution at the hands of the Catholic Church, the Pope’s sartorial choices during his visit to the wall are unlikely to be the only political minefield of the trip. The Jewish community is in an uproar over Benedict’s decision in January to lift the excommunication of a Holocaust-denying Bishop, a decision for which the Pope later apologized. During his Jerusalem visit, Benedict will pay respects at the Holocaust memorial at Yad Vashem, but he will bypass a room containing a plaque that claims the wartime Pontiff, Pius XII, failed to stand up for the Jews against the Nazis.“

So many rooms to bypass – for all of us. Personal. Communal. Cultural. Political. Religious. If we had stop every room we wanted to bypass. I doubt we’d get anywhere. Fast. Or even slow. A massive traffic jam it would be – „room jam“ – maybe the Catholic Church could just make a confession day. For all the rooms it wants to bypass. So as to absolve those rooms in advance. Easier that way, isn’t it?

Now the rooms Jews want to Pass. Over. As the season of our liberation comes closer. A Palestinian Room in every Jewish home? Like opening the door for Elijah and leaving a glass of wine. To show he has been there. The Messiah cannot come until all are free. Or does the Messiah come to free. All. From all the rooms we want to bypass?

The legacy of bitterness. Increases. So interesting – it had to be – a German Pope who lived during Those Years.

„Our“ Those Years. I have lived them. If you’re alive, you’ve lived through them too.

„Given the legacy of bitterness left by centuries of Palestinian persecution at the hands of the state of Israel.“

„Given the legacy of bitterness left by centuries of Palestinian persecution at the hands of the Jewish people.“

Signage at the remnants of the Apartheid Wall:

„Given the legacy of bitterness left by centuries of Palestinian persecution at the hands of the state of Israel and the Jewish people, henceforth, Jews who wish to visit this site are kindly requested not to wear the Star of David they usually wear around their neck, or any other Jewish symbols. Please observe this request out of respect for the suffering you have caused to the Palestinian people.“


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