Der Nahe Osten kommt nach Washington

Nun hat sich Präsident Obama offenbar doch bereit erklärt, Premierminister Netanyahu im Mai zu empfangen – genauso wie er Palästinenserpräsident Abbas, sowie Ägyptens Staatsoberhaupt einladen wird, und zwar zu Einzelgesprächen. Das berichtet jedenfalls die New York Times.
Wieder ein köstlicher Kommentar dazu von Richard Silverstein:

It’s beginning to become clear to me that it’s important not only to note what Barack Obama says but how and in what context he says it. Israeli prime ministers are used to getting individual face time with U.S. presidents. They’re used to being treated as royalty and with kid gloves. They preen a bit in a White House press conference and look good to all the folks back home. […] Yes, Bibi will get his meeting with Obama in May. But it will only be in the context of other meetings of equivalent importance with two other players in the I-P conflict, Mubarak and Abbas.

Gone are the days when Israeli premiers could boast of their unfettered access to the Oval Office. Bibi will have to get in line like everyone else. And if he doesn’t produce there likely will be no more White House photo opportunities. In fact, Bibi could be out in the cold if he continue spouting the same rejectionist line he’s been using over the past few weeks.

Basically, it’s put up or shut up time in Jerusalem. If he doesn’t, then it will be a long, cold interval until Bibi gets booted out of office and is replaced (hopefully) with someone more conducive to making real progress on the issues.

Israels Außenminister Lieberman scheint das noch längst nicht begriffen zu haben.

[Hervorhebungen von Printe]


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