Gideon Levy über Benyamin Netanyahu: "What a pathetic sight"

Gideon Levy über Benyamin Netanyahu, den splitternackten Premierminster Israels:

Netanyahu was left stark naked. A prime minister without an agenda is the worst possible news for Israel. „Mr. Terror“ without terrorism, „Mr. Iran“ without Iran. Even a Thatcherite without Thatcherism, which has breathed its last breath. All the fears that he had generated, and upon which he built his career, were dissipated or dismissed in one fell swoop. Netanyahu was left with nothing. He has nothing to offer. His suitcase is empty. You can no longer scare the world with Palestinian terrorism, because – what to do? – there hasn’t been any for a long time, touch wood. Netanyahu’s second career, as „Mr. Iran,“ has been indefinitely postponed as irrelevant. When the Iranian regime has been split in the face of such impressive and courageous popular protest, and with U.S. President Barack Obama trying to change course, can Netanyahu continue to wag his tail over the danger of the bomb, as he again tried to do in such a ridiculous way on his European tour?
It’s a case of beating on an empty vessel. There are no buyers for Netanyahu’s Iranian goods. Bomb or no bomb, we’ve been left with enclosing balconies.
What a pathetic sight: An Israeli prime minister, who was just elected with new promise, travels around the world with such moldy wares. While Obama talks big, Netanyahu talks about the smallest of the small. While Obama is portrayed as the harbinger of historic change, Netanyahu is seen as dealing in trivialities, a petty merchant trying to sell defective trinkets that no one wants.


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