Von Dresden nach Seattle: Rassist attackiert Muslima

Schrecklich, aber offenkundig wahr: Wie Richard Silverstein berichtet, scheint in Seattle, USA, der Mord an Marwa El-Sherbini Schule gemacht zu haben. Silverstein verlinkt eine Meldung aus der Seattle Times. Die Parallelen zum rassistischen Mord in Dresden sind frappierend:

A self-proclaimed white supremacist with a history of threats and harassment was charged today under the state’s hate crime statute after he allegedly threatened a young Muslim woman with a knife while she was waiting in line for services at the Seattle Indian Health Board…

…Eric Lee Garner walked up to the woman on July 1, pointed at her head scarf and said, “you Muslim people scare people when you wear things like that!” He followed up with other derogatory remarks.

The woman, who was holding her six-month-old son, tried to reason with the 24-year-old Auburn man by saying that her “her clothing does not make her a bad person”…When the insults didn’t stop…the woman backed away from Garner and tried to shield her son from him.

Garner then cursed at the woman, got in her face and pulled out a large sheathed knife, court papers said. Garner told the woman he was going to “cut” the woman and her baby with the knife, charging documents said.

Silverstein weiter:

One report says he threatened to “cut her genitals.” Another says he called her a “Muslim bitch.” Luckily a state employee intervened and took the knife away from the would-be attacker before he could use it, who later fled. The Seattle Police (who sometimes DO do something right) arrested him the next day. He bragged to them that he owned an AK-47 which he’d purchased after 9/11.

Was soll man dazu noch sagen? Außer: Gott sei Dank, ist weder der Frau noch ihrem Kind etwas passiert!


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