When apartheid soldiers get tired

Weil ich anosnten momentan zu nichts komme bzw. kaum etwas zu sagen habe…

Sixteen Minutes to Palestine

This is what happens after a rough week or two of abusing Palestinians.

Here, a group of Israeli soldiers take a ride on the very buses they confine Palestinians to for long hours in order to cross a checkpoint. They’ve earned themselves a few days off after back-to-back days of violating Palestinian rights at the checkpoint they were stationed at.

Of course, for them, freedom of movement is exactly what it sounds like.

However, for the Palestinians behind this image and the Palestinians that would otherwise be sitting in the rest of these bus seats, movement is tricky. It is time consuming and restricted. They are either kept from utilizing the bus routes that twist between illegal settlements through the occupied West Bank or they are regularly forced to show I.D. to Israeli police officers as a „cautionary“ policy if they wish to move one step further. Checkpoints are another story.

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